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Candidate Experience: What does your recruitment process look like…

Do you provide an amazing candidate experience, a seamless process from beginning to end?

With, a major pivot to a more candidate driven market and candidates becoming very selective of who and where they choose to work and whether they even want to consider moving from a position where there is security.

It has never been more important than the present to ensure your recruitment process is perfect. In today’s talent market, candidates are holding all the cards and are being extremely selective about their career journeys. With access to so much more information, they have all they need to know about your organisation from corporate culture, reviews, interview process and much more. Remember, one bad review on the likes of Glassdoor can severely damage your corporate brand and future talent acquisition.

Your recruitment process begins right from the moment you start writing the job description.

· What do you need to include:

· Job advert/description/ including benefits

· Visibility on social media, career sites and website.

· Job application process.

· Communication

· Why work for us.

Engaging with your candidates and connecting with them with a call / meeting allows for you to build a relationship and emotionally connect. Don’t forget your job description is not going to get your company culture across to the candidate and will definitely not receive an emotional connection.

A healthy recruitment process will envelope your organisation and reflect through your employees. Ask yourself this question - If candidates had an conversation with your staff within your organisation, would your company values come through? Would candidates be excited about your culture and want to make a move and be a part of your team?

So, what makes for a great candidate experience?

Communication is key

Candidates invest a lot of time and effort in their application process. Afford them the respect of a few minutes of your time to give them some feedback as to where they sit in the hiring process.


Whatever you do, DO NOT ghost your candidates. Frequent feedback leaves the candidate feeling valued and appreciated. Also, ask your candidate for their feedback and how they felt through the hiring process. This may just give you nuggets of useful information to improve your recruitment process - no process is ever perfect!

Creating an amazing candidate experience can make a significant difference to your hiring process. Not, only will you attract top quality candidates, grow your talent pool, you will strengthen your employer brand. News travels and there is no better way to grow your brand than word of mouth. Don’t forget candidates talk and so do reviews. Make them work in your favour.


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