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Employee recruitment and retention. It's a hot topic for all business owners who have any number of staff. Many companies have invested time and money into their talent teams to ensure that they are at the top of their game when it comes to employee value proposition (EVP). But have they considered the physical office space? Even the interview room could influence whether the candidate you want will want you, and according to new research, it can...

The survey conducted by K2 Space and YouGov asked 1,000 UK based office workers their thoughts on whether office design would make a difference when it comes to accepting an offer, and 48% of Millennials, Boomers and Generation X (proving that this isn't just new generation) agreed that it would.

This new research is beneficial to both employers and recruiters alike and reminds us that first impressions really are key. The survey also highlights the overall importance of workplace design, with 30% agreeing that their current office was dated and uninspiring.

Suggested improvements are:

  • Introduction of quiet rooms or spaces to take calls in private (31%).

  • Better integration of technology to facilitate virtual meetings (25%).

  • Redesign of meeting rooms to make them more attractive, fun and inspiring (24%).

  • More informal meeting space instead of formal meeting rooms (20%).

  • More different sized rooms designed for smaller groups (18%).

By revamping your office and creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional space you have a better chance of recruiting the right talent, you will help to retain your current employees and productivity will increase.

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